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Pages edited regularly Pinball service tips, Gottlieb pinball repair tips, Jukeboxes, Video games, Arcade games, and Pinball games for sale. Game Room Posters SMALL FLYER or STICKER $, CONCERT SIZE 11 x 17 $, LARGE FORMAT GLOSSY 2ft x 3 Ft $ - plus shipping and taxes. We provide a wide variety of services for Pinball Machines of all eras. Repair Services. We Provide A Wide Range Of Pinball Repair Service. Whether In-Home Or At An Establishment, We'll Come To You. Machine Moving. Professional Pinball Machine Moving Services Available. Buy/Sell Machines.

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Scope. This document is a repair guide for Electro-Mechanical (EM) coin opertated games made up to about This includes pinball games, pitch and bats (baseballs), bowlers, gun games, etc. Though pinball is stressed the most in this document, this information applies to most EM arcade games made from the s to Anything from flipper rebuilds and LED upgrades to total restorations. We look forward to getting your pinball machine working like new. Need Help getting your games tuned up? Schedule a drop-off to our Kansas City Pinball shop, or we can pick up your game for an additional charge. Just need a cleaning and waxing, no problem we got you covered. To 'Shop' a pinball machine means different thing to different people. When we shop a pinball playfield, we take everything off the top, then clean and repair the playfield. This is followed by rebuilding all the moving parts - most are underneath. All parts including switches are cleaned, shined up, then adjusted.

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I am happy to inspect and diagnose most modern era pinball machines. From board repair, coil maintenance to general cleanup, and of course waxing, Spokane Pinball Company and our . Home. pinball Machine Repair & Service. We provides top notch & unrivaled expert mobile or shop repair services for pinball machines & arcade machines. From vintage electromechanical .